Automatic Transfer Switches


Provide redundancy to Single Corded Devices with the ability to switch Out-of-Phase Sources in 8 to 15ms.

Providing redundancy on the power circuit level is critical to maintaining uptime.  The ATS Series provides a simple and reliable solution for automatically sensing power loss and seamlessly switching to a back-up circuit.

Baytech ATS transfer switch line offers a unique approach to performing the transfer by completely severing the connection between the source and load then waiting for the zero-crossing to perform the transfer. This is the driving force behind being able to perform out-of-phase transfers with a low cost solution.

Monitoring Power on the ATS is a unique feature which provides information about :

  • Amperage Load
  • (Watts) True RMS Power
  • Volt-amps
  • Voltage
  • Internal Temperature

For configurations and sizes go to: Baytech ATS Automatic Transfer Switch


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