Handles and Locks

H3 Southco Swinghandle – Standard offering handle//locking system

Standard Swinghandle         with keylock

Standard Swinghandle
with keylock

The zinc alloy swinghandle is connected to a rod/ cam system. This provides a three-point locking arrangement. It creates a compression seal on the entry while providing a strong secure locking system. The seal version (which is the Chambers standard offering) has a NEMA 4/IP 66 rating.

additional information H3 Swinghandle


H3-EM – Electronic Locking Swinghandle

-H3-EM Electronic      Swinghandle

-H3-EM Electronic Swinghandle

Southco’s H3-EM Electronic Locking Swinghandle features an efficient microprocessor-controlled gear motor design that ensures minimal power consumption and provides intelligent locking and monitoring capabilities. The H3-EM can be used as a standalone system, integrated with an existing building access control system or supplied as a fully networked system enabling remote monitoring and audit trail reporting to meet compliance requirements, such as HIPAA and Sarbanes Oxley. The handle has a mechanical key lock over-ride as a standard feature

For additional information: H3 -Em Electronic Swinghandle

Upgrade Part #: H3-EM             Unit Price:  $ 120.00

 H3-EM PR – H3 Electronic Swinghandle with Proximity Card Reader

 HID card reader with      locking swinghandle

HID card reader with locking swinghandle

The new H3-EM Electronic Locking Swinghandle provides intelligent electronic locking and monitoring  capabilities now with integrated 125kHz proximity card reader and Wiegand output. The Wiegand output  can be connected to a standalone controller or it can be connected to an existing networked access  control system for remote control, monitoring and reporting. The handle has a mechanical key lock over-ride as a standard feature.

Upgrade Part#: H3-EM-PR             Unit Price: $ 210.00

For additional information: H3-EMprox.en

A-KC2 – Membrane Keypad Access Controller

Keypad and controller

Keypad and controller

The Membrane Keypad Access Controller simplifies access management with keyless entry in a self-contained unit. Designed to accommodate industrial equipment needs, the Membrane Keypad is easily customized and can be simply adhered to a door or frame. The remote controller can be mounted anywhere inside a cabinet and provides two outputs for independent control of two separate compartments. Flexible and easy to use, it can be customized to accommodate any look, shape or feel.

Upgrade part#: A-KC2                      Unit Price:   $ 165.00

For additional information: Keypad and controller

Bio- Metric: db Zero-U

 Bio- metric System

Bio- metric System

db Zero-U access control solution delivers physical access control to mission critical IT rack cabinets within data centers/collocation, military, government, educational, healthcare and industrial environments. For smaller or distributed installations, the db Zero-U offers the db Server Rack access controller, a networked solution with a complete reader/controller combination. An authorized  user initiates cabinet access by scanning a fingerprint on the locking swinghandle’s bio metric reader. Access is granted by an inside-cabinet lock controller.

System includes two bio-metric swinghandle, controller and power supply

Upgrade part#: DB-0U                      System Price: $ 1,525.00

For additional information: digitus biometrics

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