About Us

Conley Solutions, Inc. 

With over 30 years of experience Conley is dedicated to creating the right solution for your IT infrastructure needs.

We Create Solutions! 

The company specializes in providing solutions to major data centers and the networking closets/rooms. Our customers range from government – at all level, federal, state, and county and city, financial institutions, telecommunication companies, utilities, manufacturers, collocation/web hosts companies, hospitals and medical centers, colleges and universities.

A message from Michael J. Conley, President 

Over the decades computers and network have evolved. The days of having all the computer and communication equipment locked behind glass walls are gone. Networks have extended into every facet of our lives and the connectivity is being stretch to accommodate this widespread expansion.

The problem we set out to solve was allowing the connectivity to be placed where it is needed.

Servers, telecom equipment and switches are still electronic devices with integrated circuitry. Environmental conditions are constantly changing but the equipment requires a stable atmosphere to work properly and to reach its full life expectancy. The hardware also does not care much for water; in any form that it comes in.

Data sites are secure – wire closet are not. There is a reason that corporations and organization around the world have invested heavily in access security. Tampering, vandalism and theft of the equipment is just too costly not to secure the site.

The solution is the Conley Cloud Chamber: 

. All aspects: structural strength and construction, size and capacity, airflow, cooling, power, fire suppression, connectivity, security, monitoring and control, universal mounting and mobility have been explored. The cloud chambers’ integrates the preeminent features of each aspect, that when combined, delivers a Class A1 data center environment virtually anywhere: wire closets and telecom rooms, office environment, warehouses, shipboard, on a utility pole, cell tower, in a field or on the side of a wall.

Our goal:

Is to provide the means to place your connectivity anywhere where it needs to be and provide the environment and security that is required.

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